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Roofing Services

Take Care of Your Roof & It Takes Care Of You

With so many roof styles available, it is vital to contract with someone who understands the differences between types. Whether you need an overlay or a replacement, we have the knowledge necessary to service several kinds of roofs.

How Do You Know You Need A New Roof?




• Algae Growth
• Buckling Shingles
• Curling Shingles
• Broken, Loose or Missing Shingles
• Missing Granules on Shingles
• Light Shining Through
• Dark Spots
• Moisture


Kirkin Roofing Will Respect Your Home

• All Materials Will Be Stored in a
Area on Your
• Most Jobs Take Only 1-2 Days to

• Magnetic Sweeper Insures That
   Loose Nails are Removed
• The Lawn/Yard Will be Cleaned
  Everyday. No
Trash Will be Left
  on the Ground.

• Flowers, Shrubs, etc. Will be
  Fully Protected
• All Rooftop Materials and
  Equipment Will be
• Windows Will be Covered With
   Plywood as

Flat Roof

• Few different styles
• Warranty options
• For very low pitch (less then a 2/12 or no pitch at all)


Metal Roof

• Endless color options
• No maintenance

Shingle Roof

• Most common
• Wide variety of colors
• Shingles are made of various materials such as: wood, slate, & asphalt
• Different Styles: Three-Tab, Architectural, & Designer Shingles, Cedar   Wood Shingles, & Slate Shingles


Seamless Gutters

• Many options with color and style
• No gutter too long or too small (all are seamless)
• Aluminum seamless gutters do not rust
• 5" and 6" seamless gutters
• Installed with hidden hangers and screws oppose to nails
• Uniform in appearance



Metal Roof


• Chimneys with bad mortar joints can cause leaking even if your roof is in good condition.

Versico Tamko Pro GAF Certified

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